Yum | Eggplant Parm Rollatini

Recipe from Real Simple.

Each Sunday, we shop at the downtown Farmer's Market in the KC City Market. And every Sunday, Owen wistfully gazes at the plump purple-y mounds of eggplant on display. And every so often, I begrudgingly buy one. Only one. And then hope it sits in the fridge and rots and has to be thrown out. Don't tell Owen. 

On occasion, I will actually cook said eggplant. When I came across a recipe for Eggplant Parmesan Rollatini, I was hopeful. And rewarded.

Owen is spot on when he says, "Now here's an eggplant recipe for people who don't like eggplant! Catherine, there's only the faintest hint of eggplant in this. It's all cheese." Score! 

Admittedly, I cut the eggplant a little thin when prepping it for baking (totally unintentional, I swear). I liked this recipe so much, I am willing to say I now tolerate eggplant. 

Both my Eggplant Aficionado and Cheese-Loving Elf approved.