Monthly Stills | May 2014

I've had these photos ready to go since the end of May, but the time to write hasn't been available. Work has been a bit hectic and harried, and in the evenings I just want to spend time with Lu and then lay in bed and read a novel after she's fallen asleep.

In May, Grandma Beth came to visit her little sugarplum. During her stay, we took a Mother's Day weekend road trip through Arkansas to Little Rock for cousin Romana's wedding. We stopped over in Bentonville, AR, to see the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. As impressive as the artwork is, it's the buildings and natural Ozark setting that makes this place worth the drive.

This spring I was finally back to gardening, and it's nice to have a little helper who only helps a little, but what can you do? I want her to like the dirt and know the names of plants. 

The terrible three's are upon us. Sassy-girl has arrived and she might try to painfully squeeze your neck if you make her leave the park before she's ready. Every day, there is time out, whining, huffing, long monologues, deep coversations, and all-around silliness. Owen and I both are firm parents, but we daily see the hilarity of things the little miss tries to pull. 

She knows that she's getting a bicycle for her birthday. She informed her dad that she would be needing two bikes ... and pink one and a purple one. Because pink and purple are, naturally, her fay-bit colors.

With her oldest friend to date, Collin

Hey, Batter Batter. At The Little K, Royals Games.

Princess Gardening Gloves

Have Tools, Will Garden ... but only for five minutes and then will be over it.

Second Field Trip, Kansas City Zoo. Hurry up, Mama.

I am silly.

With Grandma. Peel Mansion, Bentonville, AR.

Mama and Lu. Little Rock, AR.

Lu and her lemon meringue dress at Cousin Romana's wedding. Little Rock, AR.

Underage driving at Walton's Drug Store, Bentonville, AR.

Lu's rose