Monthly Stills | April 2014

April was filled with Easter Egg hunts (3), gymnastics, and a visit from Nana. As Lucinda gets closer and closer to age three, we hit every dichotomy possible in every situation. In one conversation we can go from crying to laughing or talking silly to asking serious questions about animals. She is already showing an ability in trying to avoid answering pointed questions.

Owen took her to buy her first pair of athletic shoes. Lucinda says they are called "running" shoes and that she can run "berry" fast in them. As the one who seems obsessed with dressing her (I admit it), I have been rueing the day that "running" shoes would become a part of the wardrobe. Honestly, they just don't go with a Lilly Pulitzer shift dress. But how can you deny your child when she wants to run fast and only the "running" shoes will do?  

I went with Lucinda's class on her very first field trip to Weston Red Barn Farm. It's a working farm featuring traditional farm animals that the children can interact with. More Pics Here. The field trips are just some of the perks of Lucinda moving up to the pre-school class at her montessori school. She also has access to a much wider variety of "work." ... But the social aspect has been really hard on her. She's physically smaller and younger than her classmates, and honestly, they seem like tough nuts to crack (even to me). She loves all the new stuff she has access to, but she doesn't really have any friends. I don't knowif it is harder on her or on us. I think this shows how lots of love, affection, warmth, and teaching gratitude, kindness, and resourcefulness, are the foundation to helping our children navigate the world ... even as a toddler.

Who is this little fairy who's "fay-bit" colors are pink and purple and wants to wear her new "running" shoes every day? Who is this little monkey who cries when it's time to head for bed and wails in the mornings when we head out the door for school? Who is this little cub who still wants to cuddle each day, but can be stingy with kisses? Who are we to have been chosen as her parents?

At the cornerstone of gratitude is the notion of undeserved merit. The grateful person recognizes that he or she did nothing to deserve the gift or benefit; it was freely bestowed.

Sampling her cupcake frosting while waiting on the adults for Easter breakfast

Mr. George and Miss Mary Ann with Lucinda. Easter 2014

Here Chick Chick. First school field trip to Red Barn Farm, Weston, Mo. More Photos: Field Trip

Hay is not just for horses

Windblown, Mama and Lu

Arrived home from school with watercolor-mussed clothes and a new hairdo. Ready to water the plants

At night, making up a stack of love notes to "mail" to Lucinda at school

First pair of "running" shoes

Pink is my fay-bit color

Nana makes the best robot costumes!

Smoothie mustaches at T. Loft in Waldo

Smoothie mustaches at T. Loft in Waldo