Portrait a Week | Thursday's Threads, 52/38

We are in our third week at Montessori and Lucinda is still struggling at drop off each day. This morning was the first day she really didn't fuss and instead acted interested in what was happening in her classroom. 

We are still house-hunting and it's not going so good. There is something wrong with every house we see. Too small yard, too small bedrooms, unattractive neighborhood, etc. It sort of feels like living in limbo. Do we stay and update, or do we move? Housing prices are starting to come down a bit it seems just over the last few weeks. During the summer, houses were overpriced and flying off the market.  One thing we've come to realize through this whole process is how much we actually do like our own little home on Jarboe. I think of all the gardening I've done and how I'll have to do that all over again somewhere else. And if we rent our current home, will the new tenant like keeping up all my flowers? :)

Tomorrow is my company's annual Farm Party. We've been asking Lucinda if she's excited to ride the horses, to which she loudly replies, "YEAAAHHHH!"  

Outfit: Lilly Pulitzer Lemon Lime shift dress.