I Am Two | Christmas 2013

We had a lovely white Christmas here in Kansas City. We got snow last weekend, and it decided to stick around. On Christmas Day, the temp reached 40, reminding me so much of Colorado winters when it would snow and then be beautiful and sunny the next day. We were able to get out and take Daisy for a walk after opening presents, and before cooking up our Christmas Day dinner. 

On Christmas Eve, our friends and neighbors, George and Mary Ann, joined us for dinner at M&S Grill on the Plaza. Lucinda took turns walking around the restaurant over and over (thank you, Mary Ann!), while we enjoyed appetizers, drinks, and a fine meal. 

On Christmas morning, Lucinda discovered her new artist's easel from Santa (she still doesn't really "get" the concept), and enjoyed opening her presents (and our presents, too). We strive each year to keep the gifts to a minimum, and it went quite well this year! Lucinda received a number of things that she will truly play with on a regular basis. 

Christmas Day evening was spent with good friends over an early dinner at our house, including fussy babies and toddler girls running around shrieking while YaYa chased them. We then rested and headed next door for Fondue! Looking forward to what great things 2014 has in store for our little family.